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Brewing Great Beer Since 2005

At Laughing Dog Brewing, what began with a dream for brews with more hops has turned into an insatiable desire to craft beers of all flavors, with a focus on quality, purity, and fun.

Today, Laughing Dog brews has brewed over 15 distinct beers, including seasonals like our Huckleberry Ale and Winter Ale, and our award-winning IPA’s and Stouts.

Despite our success and growth, our motto remains the same as the day we started, to create… “Fetchingly Good Beer”!


64oz. Laughing Dog Brewing Glass "Growler"

64oz. Laughing Dog Brewing Glass "Growler"This bad-boy holds up to a half gallon (64 oz.) of your favorite brew. Perfect for storage, having a few buddies over for a game, or parties. Sorry, beer is not included!

Ladies' V-Neck Laughing Dog Brewing T-Shirt

Ladies' V-Neck Laughing Dog Brewing T-ShirtFeaturing our Bottle-cap pawprint logo on the front, and a decoration with the words "Laughing Dog Brewing" around the side.

Purebred Citra T-Shirt

Purebred Citra T-ShirtIf you have the discriminating palate to appreciate our Purebred Citra... you really should let the world know. This popular shirt reprises the elements from our bottle label, with "Purebred - Laughing Dog Brewing Company" on the front, and our Citra logo on the back.

Stainless Steel Growler

Stainless Steel GrowlerA stainless steel growler to take anywhere you drink beer. Bikes and beer not included!

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